Case Study for Evtor

EVTOR began because there was a growing need for good EV charging solutions in India. Sarthak, understanding the challenges and opportunities in the Indian market, brought together a team of experts to create innovative charging solutions for Indian roads.


The EV market is growing fast, but one of the big problems for EV users is finding charging stations. While non-EV vehicles have fuel stations everywhere, it's not the same for EVs. This is a problem that needs to be solved.

We're not just building EV charging stations; we're helping to create a cleaner, more sustainable future. We believe in working together to come up with new ideas and make electric vehicles accessible to everyone.


Limited Infrastructure

At the beginning of the project, there were only a few places to charge electric vehicles. This made it inconvenient for EV owners who needed to charge their cars.

Costs and Funding:

Making more charging stations for electric vehicles cost a lot of money. We had to find ways to pay for these new stations without spending too much of taxpayers' money.

Public Awareness and Acceptance:

Many people didn't know much about electric vehicles and were unsure about switching from traditional cars. We had to teach people about the benefits of electric vehicles and correct any wrong ideas to encourage more people to use them.

Technical Challenges:

Putting up charging stations requires working together with utility companies to solve technical problems related to power and making sure everything fits together.

The App Objective:

  • Our platform has lots of charging stations all over the world. It tells you in real time if there's space to charge your car. You can book and pay for charging using your smartphone, making it easy.
  • Additionally, our app provides details on charging speed, pricing, and available connector types, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience for users.
  • Users are prompted to create an account and log in using a one-time password (OTP). Upon logging in, users can select their vehicle, and the app will display all available charging points nearest to their location.
  • The app includes a built-in map that helps users find the nearest charging point directly within the application.
  • Also, the app has a digital wallet where you can add money and pay for charging sessions at stations. This makes the payment process easy and convenient for you.
  • You can also add your favourite charging stations by scanning the QR code of the charger using the built-in QR code scanner.
  • Expansion of Charging Infrastructure: During the project, Evtor expanded its EV charging network significantly, making it easier for residents to own and use electric vehicles
  • Increased EV Adoption: Because of the more charging stations and public awareness campaigns, more people are now using electric vehicles.
  • Positive Environmental Impact: More people using electric vehicles has helped reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, which is helping the city reach its sustainability goals.
  • Economic Benefits : More charging stations for electric vehicles have attracted businesses and investment, which is helping the economy grow.

Additional Profile Features:

1. Edit Profile: Users can easily update their details, ensuring that their account information is always accurate and up to date.

2. Select Vehicle: Users can choose or change their current vehicle, ensuring that the app provides accurate charging information tailored to their vehicle type.

3. Booking History: View a history of past charging sessions, including details such as time, location, and payment information.

4. Balance History: Keep track of wallet transactions, including deposits, payments, and refunds, ensuring transparency and accountability.

5. RFID Card: Utilize RFID card functionality for seamless and secure access to charging stations.

6. Notifications: Stay informed with real-time notifications about booking confirmations, charging status, and account updates.

7. Child Account Creation: Create child accounts linked to the main account for family or fleet management, ensuring easy and secure access for all users.

8. 24/7 Support: Access round-the-clock customer support for assistance with any issues or inquiries.

9. About Us Page: Find detailed information about it, including its mission, vision, and commitment to sustainable mobility.

The case study shows that by planning carefully, working with partners, and involving the public, we can expand electric vehicle charging stations, get more people to use electric cars, and enjoy big environmental and economic benefits.